Meet our new partner in France

We are thrilled to announce our new partner GT Concept. They will serve as a distributor of our products in the majority of the regions in France. We have already introduced GT Concept as a new partner on our Facebook page in July.

GT Concept visited Wolturnus Denmark in February 2020. They were introduced to our team and products and received a thorough training and are therefore ready to provide and sell our quality products in France.

Marie-Charlotte Gautheret from GT Concept stated: “We are glad to answer to the most of the user’s needs thanks to the possibilities provided by Wolturnus. The everyday wheelchairs and all the sports articles are very well welcomed. It is an honor to promote the Wolturnus portfolio to our French dealers’ network and to therapists. “

We at Wolturnus are delighted and looking forward to our partnership, which will strengthen our position within the European market of wheelchairs and assistive devices.

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Visit GT Concept here.