Dalton Low

Dalton Low has a low seat height. It is ideal for users who want to ’walk the chair forward’.

The seating position and balance point can be individually adjusted. This ensures good control of the chair and makes it possible to move forward with the most natural gait. This reduces the risk of overburdening the body. The Dalton Low is also available with single-hand propulsion. This is often an advantage for hemiplegic users who use one-hand propulsion to supplement the use of one leg when moving forward.

Dalton Low has separate, flip-up footrests that are angle and height-adjustable. It has swing-away, detachable leg supports which can be mounted or removed with a single lever from either side.

It is available as a fully adjustable model or customised to suit the individual user’s level of activity, size and strength. The standard model includes detachable side panels and an angle and height-adjustable back.


Frame color


Front fork color


Rear axle


Front Frame


Seating and Back Systems


Sideguards and Armrests






Push handles




Front wheels


Rear wheels


Push rims








Seat width adjustable: NO
Seat depth adjustable: YES
Seat angle adjustable: NO
Balance point adjustable: YES
Harness seat: YES
Fixed seat: YES
Backrest angle adjustable: YES
Backrest height adjustable: YES
Push handles: YES
Push handles adjustable: YES
Front-wheel drive: NO
Quick-release axle: YES
Suitable for fastening in car: YES
Suitable for children: NO
No. of wheels: 4
Weight from: 10 kg
User weight max. 160 kg
Seat width min. 360 mm
Seat width max. 480 mm
Seat depth min. 300 mm
Seat depth max. 600 >mm
Seat height min. 400 mm
Seat height max. 550 mm
Backrest height min. 250 mm
Backrest height max. 550 mm