Wing Back ILSA

A unique multi-adjustable back system

Wing Back ILSA (Integrated Lateral Support Adjustable) is a patented back system. Wing Back allows for stepless adjustment of the back in a matter of moments.

Wing Back helps people who suffer from back slump, tiredness or bad balance due to conditions such as scoliosis or kyphosis. Wing Back straightens the person up in the wheelchair and keeps them in a healthful seated position. The wheelchair user can then maintain an active daily routine and handle daily tasks independently.

Wing Back also has a preventative effect, ensuring that the wheelchair user does not develop a crooked seating position in the future. For best effect, the back system can be mounted on the wheelchair before the person is affected by slumping or tiredness.

It has a very simple design, yet is unique. No other back system on the market gives such flexibility with seating positions. Wing Back can be adjusted quickly according to the user’s anatomy or if the seating position changes. Because the trunk is adjusted with Velcro straps, it can be adjusted at any time to suit the current seated position – right down to the precise millimetre.

Wing Back is designed and manufactured in Denmark. It can be fitted on many of the rigid or folding wheelchairs on the market.



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