Roadrunner for Framerunning

Strong and light framerunner that gives people with disabilities the freedom to run on their own

Wolturnus Roadrunner is built for framerunning. Framerunning is an  athletic discipline for people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy or other neoromuscular disorders.

The Roadrunner is a height-adjustable and stable running bike for young people and adults. The maximum user weight of the bike is 120 kg.  Depending on the size of the wheel, the saddle height may vary between 70 and 95 cm from the surface.

The ultra lightweight frame weighs no more than 3,5 kg. If you include wheels, saddle, breast plate and the handlebar the total weight of the Roadrunner is 12,5 kg.

Framestability and Design

The Roadrunner is manufactured in a heat-treated 7020 lightweight aluminum which ensures a rigid and robust frame and makes the Wolturnus Roadrunner one of the lightest models in the sport of Framerunning.

The stable and rigid frame ensures optimal energy transferring of the athlete’s forces to forward propulsion, and the streamlined design gives the Roadrunner a modern look and a minimum of wind resistance.

Wheel sizes of Wolturnus Roadrunner

The Roadrunner is onesize, but by changing the wheels into another wheel size, the bike can be adjusted to the preferred user height.  That makes the Roadrunner perfect for the young user and also when he or she get older. The Roadrunner has a disc brake on the front wheel as standard. That makes is possible to change the wheel size without having to adjust other parts.

The wheels are available in three sizes; 22”, 24” or 26”.

Driving Characteristics and Equipment

The Roadrunner is equipped with a high-grade compensator for the handlebar, to adjust the resistance of the handlebar when turning. This increases the direction stability on the bicycle and helps keep the front wheel in a straight track. Furthermore, the steering angle on 55 degrees contributes in to making the Roadrunner more stable in its direction of driving and provides a more stable direction for the user. At the same time, the steering angle reduces the risk of crashing and makes the Roadrunner more capable of handling involuntary/uncontrolled movements when moving fast.

The Roadrunner is easy to adapt to the individual needs of the user thanks to the multi-adjustable saddle and chest support, which is adjustable in height, depth and angle, and the handlebar which is height- and depth adjustable.

At the same time you can choose between a push or pull parking brake depending on the need. To provide the user with the most comfortable and safe run, we recommed to mount one or two Bodypoint Monoflex belts on the Roadrunner’s breast plate.

What is Framerunning?

Framerunning ia an innovative athletic discipline for disabled people with impaired balance.  A Framerunner is a specially built 3-wheeled “running bike” without pedals, on which problems with balance is not an issue. Framerunning is a preferred sports discipline for people with cerebral palsy, arthritis or amputees.


 Measurements 22” Roadrunner 24” Roadrunner 26” Roadrunner
Handlebar – Saddle 60-88 cm 60-88 cm 60-88 cm
Handlebar – Chestplate 20-60 cm 20-60 cm 20-60 cm
Chestplate – Saddle 10-45 cm 10-45 cm 10-45 cm
Saddle Height 70-90 cm 72,5-92,5 cm 75-95 cm
Chestplate Height 91-115 cm 93,5-117,5 cm 96-120 cm
Handlebar Width 61 cm 61 cm 61 cm
Total Width 82 cm 82 cm 82 cm
Total Length 185 cm 190 cm 195 cm
Wheel Sizes mm 548 mm 600 mm 650 mm

Maximum user weight all sizes: 120 kg


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