Run like Team Twin

In 2013, twin brothers Steen and Peder Mondrup contacted Wolturnus with a very unusual assignment: they asked the wheelchair manufacturer to design a special wheelchair that would let them run together. That was the start of a unique partnership. The result: Wolturnus now manufactures a specially-designed Team Twin Edition racing wheelchair that is available both in Denmark and abroad.

Team Twin races together

As a result of oxygen deprivation at birth, Peder has been wheelchair-dependent his whole life. That has never stopped him doing sports with his twin. Competing together as Team Tvilling (Team Twin), the brothers have achieved many impressive results. In Summer 2014, the Danish pair competed in events including the KMD Copenhagen Ironman and became nationally known for their unique sporting achievements. In 2014, Steen and Peder founded the Team Twin Association. Their association aims to break down negative stereotypes about handicaps and to give wheelchair users of all ages an opportunity to take part in road sports.

The Team Twin Edition racing wheelchair

The Team Twin Edition racing wheelchair is an enhanced version of the strong, speedy and ultralight Amasis racing wheelchair. Elite athletes have used Amasis wheelchairs to achieve impressive results all over the world, including medal wins at Paralympic Games. The Team Twin Edition is a specially-adapted Amasis model. All the special features of the Amasis have been retained, while the design ensures unique comfort both for the athlete in the chair and the mobile athlete who is running.

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