Christian Gammelgaard Olesen is new co-owner of Wolturnus AS

It is with great pleasure, that Wolturnus introduces Christian Gammelgaard Olesen as a new co-owner of Wolturnus AS. From today on, CEO and company founder Peter Libak and Christian Gammelgaard Olesen will lead Wolturnus as a strategic alliance.

This co-ownership is a natural development for Wolturnus. Since Christian Gammelgaard Olesen’s employment as a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in 2015, Wolturnus’ orientation has moved more towards the medical field, enlarging the Wolturnus product portfolio with products such as SYSTAM, Bodypoint, Motion Composites, VICAIR and RAZ.
Christian’s academical background and continuous association with universities, strengthened Wolturnus’ presence in new areas of expertise – beyond the construction of wheelchairs.

I’m excited to continue the great cooperation with Christian. Christian has become an essential element of the Wolturnus DNA – his dedication and passion for our field of work is outstanding and Wolturnus will continuously be able to benefit from his professionalism, just like we did the last three years”, Peter Libak, CEO Wolturnus AS.

Christian Gammelgaard Olesen will continue to perform his duties as a CTO.