Wolturnus’ data protection policy

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We use cookies on this website. Cookies are small files, which exist on your computer’s hard disk through your browser. Cookie are helpful, since they can be used to many different tasks.

This website uses cookies for:

  • Collecting user activity, as in which pages of the website you have visited, including how long and when.
  • Collecting geographical information about your location, nationality and computer specifications.
  • Saving data that entered our forms (ex. search- and order form).
  • Saving data on what products that are located in your shopping cart (if you leave the page).

This data helps us keep an overview of the website’s activity levels, and it helps us optimize our website to our target audience. The collected data is only used by Wolturnus, and it is not shared with any third-party companies

Most websites have cookies turned on by default. You can turn off cookies, or configure your browser to warn you, when cookies are being used. If you wish for no cookies to be saved on your computer, then we recommend that you look up your browsers settings for cookies. Check the help window in your browser for more information. Beware that some of the functionality of the website might decrease, if cookies are turned off.

Do you have any questions or in doubt about something? Feel free to send us a message on the email below: