Ergonomic wheelchairs

Wheelchair users know how important a healthy and comfortable seating position is. An incorrect seating posture in the wheelchair can cause pain and discomfort. That is why all Wolturnus wheelchairs are designed with a healthy seating posture in mind. It is important that the ischial tuberosities can emerge into the support surface, and the pelvis is supported by the wheelchair’s back system. Any shear force in the wheelchair must be prevented to minimize the risk of pressure ulcers. Wolturnus wheelchairs are designed with an ergonomic frame construction, strap back and strap seat that makes it possible to release pressure and adjust the wheelchair down to the last millimetre to fit the user.

Ergonomic seat and strap seat
Wolturnus wheelchairs are designed with an ergonomic seat where the back of the seat is flat and the front part is inclined upwardly. We call it an ergo seat. The ergo seat stabilizes the pelvis in an upright position. The ergo seat is always combined with a strap seat that supports the pelvis and distributes the weight from ischial tuberosities to thighbone. This prevents the wheelchair user from sliding forward in his wheelchair and optimize the pressure distribution.

The seat cushion is also very important to minimize the risk of getting pressure ulcers and to achieve a comfortable seating position in the wheelchair. To make sure that you get the right cushion we make pressure mappings of all or different seat cushions. We have experienced that pressure distribution is enhanced in wheelchairs with strap seats, adjusted to the user.