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Active Wheelchairs, Handbikes and Sports Wheelchairs

Wolturnus offers a wide range of wheelchairs, handbikes and sports wheelchairs

Active wheelchairs

Wolturnus rigid wheelchairs for children and adults are strong and sturdy. W5, Tukan, HAWK, Gitano and Dalton are built to fit you. You can customize your wheelchair for the life you live, for your choice of accessories and your unique seating posture. Since autumn 2017, we also have our very own foldable wheelchair – the Merlin. All our wheelchairs have strong 7020 aluminium frames, ergonomic seat and are available as adjustable models.  All wheelchairs are CE approved and TÜV certified

Comfort and electric wheelchairs

We produce accompanying friendly wheelchairs for children and adults, electric wheelchairs and chassis. A-Run Comfort and the power wheelchair Rex 350 are both narrow and functional.

Sports wheelchairs

Wolturnus sports wheelchairs are used by athletes from all over the world. We design rigid wheelchairs for basketball, tennis, rugby, fencing and dance. We also offer the electric E-hockey for Powerchair Hockey and have developed the fast Amasis Racing wheelchair.


Wolturnus handbikes are used for training and exercise and by professional handbikers for competitive sport. All handbikes are customised to fit the user and designed in accordance with international UCI regulations. Wolturnus Racebikes are designed for competitive use and the Antaras models are used in both competitions and for exercise. Wolturnus sports wheelchairs and handbikes are often used by athletes in World Championchips and at the Paralympics.

Wheelchair accessories

Wolturnus offers a wide range of wheelchair accessories and spare parts. For example The Wing Back ILSA, a unique back system for your wheelchair.