HandbikeBattle – more than a typical handbike race

From 12th to 16th of June, our handbike specialist Feike will be in Austria, visiting the fourth edition of the so-called HandbikeBattle (12th – 18th of June). It’s the biggest Dutch handbike event, including training sessions, workshops and an uphill-race in the Austrian Kaunertal. The highlight of the week awaits the 100 participants on Wednesday. Handbikers of all levels will compete with each other and the mountain. The race track leads the participants over a 20 km dead-end street, with an altitude difference of nearly 1000 m.

The starter field consists of 12 teams from Holland as well as 30 individual riders from Holland, Norway and Austria. The members of the 12 participating teams are beginners as well as more experienced riders from various Dutch Rehab Centers. Back in December, these teams where formed, only to participate in this year’s HandbikeBattle.

According to Feike, this special constellation makes the HandbikeBattle an appealing challenge:  “It’s a really good concept, and in my eyes one of the best handbike events. It does not matter at all, who crosses the finish-line first, it’s all about climbing a hill with a handbike and having a life changing experiences. The event actually fits very well with our slogan – Wheelchairs built for freedom.”

During the HandbikeBattle, many recently injured wheelchair users will be able to experience, what they are actually able to achieve!

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or watch the video of last year’s HandbikeBattle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsxUkLQ8QDw

Live Stream (Wednesday, 15th of June – 9 am): http://live.handbikebattle.nl/