Rex 350 is an operationally dependable and stable electric wheelchair. It has a top speed of max. 14 km/h (typical standard for electric wheelchairs is 6-7.2 km/h) and a range of 45 km. Optional extra: third-party steering for situations when the user is not able to operate the wheelchair.

This quiet and narrow electric wheelchair offers a good variety of seating positions. There are up to five different electrically-operated seating positions including elevated leg supports; adjustable back angle; electrically elevated seat; and seat tilt.


User weight 140 kg with and without seat lift
Weight from 84 kg
Total width 58 cm
Total length with leg supports From 97 cm
Seat width 36 / 38 / 40 / 42 / 45 / 48 cm
Seat depth 39-44 cm (customised also available)
Seat height (without cushion) 40-50 cm, 0-30 cm with electric seat lift
Stepless seat angle 0-20° mechanical, 0-30° with electric seat lift
Stepless back angle 0-30° (rigging screw) adjustment, gas cylinder or electric
Armrest height From 20 cm
Lower leg length 39-44 cm (or customised)
Elevating leg supports 0-20° gas cylinder, 0-30° electric
Rear wheel 12.5″ grey, puncture-proof
Castors 7″ grey, puncture-proof (6″ also available)
Can be used as in-car seat Yes
Max. speed. 7.2 km/h (optional extra: 10 or 14 km/h)
Charge time From 6 hours
Range up to 30 km with 50 Ah / 5H gel batteries (standard)
45 km with 70 Ah /5H gel batteries
40 km with 40 Ah Lithium-ion batteries
Obstacle clearance up to 5 cm
Turning radius From 100 cm
Ground clearance 8 cm
Gradient clearance up to 17%


User Manual | Rex350

Manual For Fixation of Wheelchair in Motor Vehicles | W5, Hawk, A-Run & Rex350