A-Run Chassis

Narrow, easy-propulsion chassis for children and adults

A-Run Chassis is compatible with many seating systems from the Wolturnus range and from other ranges.

The chassis’ width, depth, height and seating position can be continually adjusted to meet the user’s changing requirements.  With its robust aluminium frame, A-Run is a practical wheelchair for everyday living. It is one of the lightest and narrowest of its kind on the market. It is easy for both users and helpers to handle. A-Run is designed for daily life with changing challenges.

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Seat width 26-30 cm 34 cm 38-45 cm
Seat width adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Seat depth 28-42 cm 32-46 cm 38-52 cm
Seat depth adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Seat height 42-47 cm 42-47 cm 42-47 cm
Backrest height 27-39 cm 27-39 cm 27-39 cm
Backrest height adjustable Yes Yes Yes
User weight Max. 120 kg Max. 120 kg Max. 120 kg
Total width 54 cm 62 cm 62 cm
Total length 90 cm 90 cm 90 cm
Weight 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg
Push handles adjustable/rim Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable camber 0o to 6o 0o to 6o 0o to 6o
Motor can be retrofitted Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for fastening in car Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for children Yes Yes Yes
Seat tilt 0o to 30o 0o to 30o 0o to 30o
Back gradient max. 30o 30o 30o
Neck support Yes Yes Yes
Optional flip-up footrest Yes Yes Yes
Balance point adjustable Yes Yes Yes


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