W5 Junior

W5 Junior is an active rigid wheelchair designed for optimum synergy between strength and weight. This ensures maximum conversion of energy.

The wheelchair is available in a welded or a fully adjustable version.

The welded model has fully welded backrest and rear axle. The wheelchair has no moving parts. It is therefore extremely rigid and robust, which means that all of the child’s energy is harnessed for propulsion.

The adjustable version has a stepless adjustable balance point. This means you can continually adapt the seating position and wheelchair set-up, for example by mounting additional equipment as the child grows. Other adaptable features include adjustable depth and a footplate than can be adjusted by depth, angle and height.

The ergonomic seat has adjustable seat and back upholstery. This ensures ergonomic, upright posture, optimum pressure relief and freedom of movement.

The location of the castors out in front of the foot plate ensures high stability and low rolling resistance.


Frame color


Front fork color


Rear axle


Seating and Back Systems


Sideguards and Armrests






Push handles




Front wheels


Rear wheels


Push rims







Seat width adjustable: YES
Seat depth adjustable: YES
Seat angle adjustable: NO
Balance point adjustable: YES
Harness seat: YES
Fixed seat: YES
Backrest angle adjustable: NO
Backrest height adjustable: YES
Push handles: YES
Push handles adjustable: YES
Front-wheel drive: NO
Quick-release axle: YES
Suitable for fastening in car: YES
Suitable for children: YES
No. of wheels: 4
Weight from: 5 kg
User weight max.: 70 kg
Seat width min.: 200 mm
Seat width max.: 320 mm
Seat depth min.: 250 mm
Seat depth max.: 500 mm
Seat height min.: 280 mm
Seat height, max.: 520 mm
Backrest height min.: 200 mm
Backrest height max.: 400 mm


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