E-hockey is a customised electric hockey wheelchair that is up to 30 kg lighter than other models on the market. It has a top speed of 15 km/h.

E-hockey is robust. With a solid steel chassis and upper section of heat-treated lightweight aluminium 7020 T6, it can withstand all on-court challenges.

Seating position is critical for a good match performance. E-hockey has an ergonomic seat and low point of gravity. As with Wolturnus rugby wheelchairs, this ensures stable, safe and fast action in the heat of the game.


Length 90 cm
Width 78 cm

Length 96 cm
Width 78 cm

Length 102 cm
Width 78 cm

Seat width: 36 cm, 38 cm,  40 cm, 42 cm or 45 cm


Brochure EN | Sport and handbikes

User Manual | E-hockey