Wolturnus Sold to Asker Healthcare Group

Press release

Wolturnus in Nibe is becoming part of the Swedish Asker Healthcare Group to ensure future development and better handle the increasing regulatory demands in the industry.

Since 2002, Wolturnus has been manufacturing custom-made wheelchairs and handbikes in Nibe, with CEO Peter Libak at the helm. This will continue, but as of today, Peter Libak and partner and co-director Christian Gammelgaard are no longer the owners. Like many other companies in the healthcare sector, Wolturnus has chosen to consolidate.

“With Asker Healthcare Group, we gain a strong capital partner to develop Wolturnus in the right direction. Over time, we’ve received several acquisition offers, but Asker Healthcare Group shares our values in how they run their business, and we can align with that. I would call it timely diligence, securing the future foundation while Wolturnus is thriving,” explains Peter Libak.

Asker Healthcare Group, headquartered in Stockholm, owns more than 45 companies in 14 countries within medical equipment and assistive technologies. This includes the medical company OneMed, which acts as the group’s Danish parent company. OneMed’s CEO, Morten Nielsen, will now serve as the Chairman of the Board at Wolturnus, where daily operations will continue to be managed by Peter Libak, Christian Gammelgaard, and the rest of the management team.

“We acquire well-run companies and help them move forward by supporting their existing business plans. We believe that those who have built the company are best suited to run it. At the same time, there are many and increasing regulatory requirements in the industry, where Wolturnus can leverage our compliance solutions, allowing the management to focus on development,” explains Morten Nielsen.

The new chairman also foresees that Wolturnus will gain business advantages by exchanging experiences and collaborating with the group’s other companies.

Wolturnus Continues as Usual
The decision to consolidate with Asker Healthcare Group is largely due to the Swedish group’s strategy of acquiring companies and supporting their development under their own brand. Therefore, the acquisition will not have significant practical implications for Wolturnus’ employees and partners.

“We will continue to be called Wolturnus and will maintain our production and assembly in Nibe, and our subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany will continue operations as usual. Peter and I still plan to stay until the day we retire. Now we’ve ensured that the lifework will still be here by then,” emphasizes Christian Gammelgaard.

Specifically, Asker Healthcare Group has bought into Wolturnus’ strategy to increase revenue by 20 percent annually, which the new chairman will support. Today, Wolturnus employs 92 full-time employees in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, including ten new hires in the past year.

About Asker Healthcare Group
Asker Healthcare Group develops and acquires leading companies that make a positive difference in healthcare across Europe by providing high-quality medical equipment and assistive devices.

Asker Healthcare Group is headquartered in Stockholm and owns 45 companies in 14 countries, employing around 3,500 people with a total revenue of approximately 13 billion SEK. In Denmark, Asker Healthcare Group owns OneMed, Mobilex, ZiboCare, and now Wolturnus.

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