New distribution partner in the Netherlands

We are very delighted to announce RDmobility as our most recent Distribution Partner in the Netherlands.

Our new distribution partner, RDmobility, will be our fourth distributor in the Netherlands. Due to RDmobility’s focus on the individual needs of the customers and their knowledge in custom mobility solutions and high-quality products, we believe than RDmobility will be an important addition to our current distribution network.

About the partnership, Director of RDmobility, Roger Daal, said:
“Before I started my company, I was a W5 user for almost 10 years. I also had a rugby chair build by Wolturnus in which I played the world championships in New Zealand in 2006. Wolturnus has always been the best chair in my opinion. This opinion is shared by my employees that have experience with Wolturnus in the past. So, we are very happy to represent Wolturnus in Holland. Besides that, we already feel that Wolturnus is part of our team. The communication is pleasant and professional. We will work very hard to get Wolturnus to the level it deserves to be in Holland.”

We at Wolturnus are looking forward to the exciting new partnership with RDmobility.

You can read more about RDmobility on their website, and click here to see all our international Distribution Partners.