W5/Dalton XXL

Robust and lightweight for heavy users

The W5 XXL is a robust and ultra-lightweight rigid wheelchair, ideal for users whose high weight and physical strength require a reinforced frame with additional bracing. The W5 XXL thus ensures an optimal strength-to-weight ratio and fully utilises the user’s energy. The maximum user weight of the chair is 250 kg.

W5 vs. Dalton

If removable foot and leg supports are desired on a W5 XXL, it will instead be an XXL version of the Dalton wheelchair. The Dalton has a slightly different frame construction which enables the design with leg propelling.

The specifications of the XXL versions of a W5 and a Dalton are the same, but the wheelchairs have different names and article numbers as the frame constructions differ.

XXL – extra sturdy

A W5 is a rigid wheelchair with a closed box frame in 7020 aluminium. 7020 aluminium is the strongest weldable aluminium alloy, whose stiffness surpasses all titanium. This alloy is typically used for armoured vehicles, motorcycles and bicycle frames.

The box frame of the chair is extra reinforced. Instead of 25 mm, the tubes are 30 mm. The larger tubes give the chair extra rigidity, making it both more robust and easier to drive, both for the user, who needs less energy, but also for the assistant who pushes the chair. At the same time, aluminium is a much lighter material than, for example, steel, making the chair incredibly light and solid at the same time.

Additional anti tip wheels that can be folded in and out can also be mounted at the back of the chair, making it easy to navigate up stairs and other elevations.

The W5 XXL can also be fitted with the ILSA backrest system and ergonomic seat for good support and better seating comfort. The backrest of the XXL chair has both a wider and smaller back that follows the contour of the user, and the seat width is produced up to 68 cm.

The chair is also crash-tested and can therefore be used in an adapted car with an anchorage device and provided that the head restraint is also used while driving.

No 2 people are the same

At Wolturnus, almost every chair is built individually, based on an order form drawn up jointly by our consultant and the user.

This means that our production workshop receives a drawing showing which tubes are to be used, what lengths they should be, and at what angle they should be bent and then welded together. All according to precise and individual measurements noted on the form. Wolturnus operates with dimensioning intervals down to 5 mm.

The delivery time is usually about 5 weeks from the approved drawing.

Illustration of the XXL wheelchair

  • Robust and lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • For the active life
  • Lots of accessories and options


Examples of different W5 and Dalton XXL models

W5 XXL | Project No. 50615:

This W5 XXL has been designed with a reinforced frame and rear wheels. It is equipped with an adjustable rear axle, Spinergy wheels, carbon sideguards and an extra reinforced backrest.

W5 XXL with Spinergy Wheels

Dalton XXL | Project No. 55725:

A brilliant blue dream in the form of a customized Dalton XXL with matching pushrims. This chair is equipped with our patented back system Wing Back ILSA, swing-away and detachable footrest, headrest, plus reinforced armrests and backrests making it crashtested.

Blue Dalton XXL with matching blue pushrims and Wolturnus patented back system ILSA

Dalton XXL | Project No. 57302:

This is a blue anodized Dalton XXL with cool orange details such as Froglegs frontwheels and Spinergy SLX wheels. The chair is also equipped with Quadro pushrims from Carbolife for reduced hand function, reinforced armrest, and our patented back system Wing Back ILSA.

Dalton XXL with Froglegs frontwheels and Spinergy XLX wheels




Rear axle


Front frame


Seat and back systems




Push handles


Wheel locks


Sideguards and armrests


Head support



Front wheels


Rear wheels








Seat width adjustable: NO
Seat depth adjustable: YES
Seat angle adjustable: NO
Balance point adjustable: YES
Harness seat: YES
Fixed seat: YES
Backrest angle adjustable: NO
Backrest height adjustable: NO
Push handles: YES
Push handles adjustable: YES
Front-wheel drive: NO
Quick-release axle: YES
Suitable for fastening in car: YES
Suitable for children: NO
No. of wheels: 4
Weight from: 12 kg
User weight max. 250 kg
Seat width min. 480 mm
Seat width max. 660 mm
Seat depth min. 360 mm
Seat depth max. 600 mm
Seat height min. 380 mm
Seat height max. 600 mm
Backrest height min. 250 mm
Backrest height max. 500 mm


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