Henrik Kragh cycles for the Danish Sclerosis Association

49-year old Henrik Kragh suffering from sclerosis is going to perform three of the Tour de France mountain stages this summer, together with his custom-made Wolturnus handbike. He has been practicing for two hours every second day since mid-November in order to get into shape. There will be a total of 27 bikers to face this challenge, but Henrik will be the only one mastering the mountains with a handbike.

For Henrik, these three Tour de France stages are all about demonstrating that he is still able to control his body. Henrik says: “It is my goal to use this accomplishment to set new goals for my everyday life.”

Wolturnus has sponsored half of his handbike and herewith supports the Danish “Sclerosis Association”, the organization behind the initiative Cykelnerven. Cykelnerven is the association’s annual cycling event, aiming to spread the knowledge about sclerosis as well as raising money for research.

Henrik himself is also participating in a research study. Ulrik Dalgas from Aarhus University researches sclerosis and the effects of Henriks workout. Ulrik wants to proof that physical training is at least as beneficial for sclerosis patients as for all others.

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Source: Vejle Amts Folkeblad (4. January 2016)